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April 1, 2012
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Nearly complete by masarebelth Nearly complete by masarebelth
BIG picture!!

Well long time no see buddies!! :D

I got accepted to be a postgraduate student, with full scholarship. :D

&.... Though many difficulties come across me, I got my veronica nearly finished. I made him full inner structure, also a face gimmick & lot of mechanical features!!! I think I've many things to explain about him LD

I paste this preview here, & need maybe one more week to furnish him.:XD: It might be a stuff like the perfect grade kit :D Sounds a little crazy :XD:

I'd make another booklet for him, as I made one for Gundam Uriel last year, and this time I got more experienced. :XD:
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hehehe, what exactly is that blue stuff?
masarebelth Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used sapphire & changed it's color a bit... maybe I'll adjust more :D
That is one badass looking Gundam, what can he do?
masarebelth Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd just like to make a gundam with ordinary color scheme as white/red/blue, and I forced myself to present him full inner structure....& believe me buddy, I've many things to say about him, please keep an eye on my further submissions :D
You think someday you could help me design an "fan-based upgrade" to Wing Zero? I've been planning it for years....
masarebelth Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love to make a brand new mech insinuate an already existed mech.... I made this one out of TURN-A....

Anyway, I'm also interested in Wing Zero.... But this one seems too perfect already, but I think you still have many ideas to improve him, huh?:D
Imagine this:---

Wing Zero's "Zero System" is upgraded to the point that it can out-calculate the brains of some of the finest pilots in history, namely, it incorporates NewType, Coordinator, and Innovator response times, combined with the most advanced ELS technology. Codenamed "Prophecy" for short. It's designed to adapt to metahumans on a pilot-to-pilot basis and stores memories of pilot data based on it's own experiences.

Zero's mobility is now several times the output it originally had, and now has the ability to travel long distances in space over a short time span...even enduring harsher climate conditions (including exposure to Solar Radiation).

Zero's Weapons retain their distinctions along with an output upgrade for all weapons: Twin Buster Rifles, Machine Cannons, and now Twin Beam Sabers.

Wing Zero's massive wings "break apart" into a whirl of Feather weaponry called "Flachettes"...

These Flachettes have 3 primary functions:
--Fin Funnels (New Type/Coordinator designed automomous micro beam cannnons that track a target at any angle)
--Razor Shards (mini beam saber bits that are designed for cutting with surgical precision, similar to Fin Funnels but more energy output and closer range).
--Planet Defensor (Designed to deflect the highest caliber beam rifles and even some non-energy-based weaponry, the Flachettes form an I-Field around Zero to allow it to 'snipe' in relative safety under high attack conditions, while its Twin Buster Rifles charge up.

In addition, the Flachettes can combine with Zero's primary weapons to form even stronger weaponry!

--Combination Mode: Heaven's Sword---The Flachettes combine with Zero's Twin Beam Sabers to form the ultimate Assault Sword, with high range, cutting power, and's capable of cutting several Warships in a single swipe...possibly even a small moon or space station if necessary.

--Combination Mode: Heaven's Light---The Flachettes combine with both Zero's Twin Buster Rifles to form the absolute deadliest combination, a maximum output Buster Rifle that can fire a high powered shot from several Planets in distance away...the Prophecy targeting system has a safety mechanism in place that must be negated for this to be active, thus leaving Zero in a completely vulnerable state while firing...however because of the range and power of the shot, Zero cannot use the shot more than 7 times without overheating and damaging the unit.
masarebelth Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I think the keypoint is how to design the Flachette system.... Ummm... As designing mechs, we must concentrate on the most significant features of a robot first.... details are also important, but the first impression always decided everything... :XD:

Emmm.. If i got u, the Flachette is a kind of funnel, which can act as classic beam launcher, beam shield and also sword bit. AND also with the shape just some transformation of feather, in order they can compose some mechanical structure like wings.

AND most crazy is they can combine well with long beam rifles to make gigantic sword.... emmm... to make this sword not seems so silly, I think decide the shape of the sword is the first thing we must do before constructing him.

I also made launcher-sword-shield bit in my Gundam Michael [link] , and giant claymore in Gundam Uriel [link] , also feather in Gundam Gabriel...[link]

& believe me, I suggest Prophecy is too strong a mech, he can make everything without the help of others :D
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